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06-DEC-02 - 22-DEC-03

Server ID

Country = GB
State = West Yorkshire
Locality = Leeds
Organization = Jaz Promotions
Organizational Unit = Online Store
Organizational Unit = Terms of use at www.truewize.com/rpa (c) 00
Organizational Unit = Authenticated by British Telecommunications plc
Organizational Unit = Member, VeriSign Trust Network
Common Name = www.5starescorts.co.uk

If the information is correct, you may submit sensitive data (e.g., credit card numbers) to this site with the assurance that:

          This site has a VeriSign Secure Server ID.

          VeriSign has verified the organizational name and that JAZ PROMOTIONS has the proof of right to use it.

          This site legitimately runs under the auspices of JAZ PROMOTIONS

          All information sent to this site, if in an SSL session, is encrypted, protecting against disclosure to third parties.

To ensure that this is a legitimate VeriSign Secure Site, make sure that:

1.         The original URL of the site you are visiting comes from WWW.5STARESCORTS.CO.UK.

2.         The URL of this page is https://5star.verisign.com.

3.         The status of the Server ID is Valid.


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